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If you need to renovate your home, we can provide assistance using our local contacts, all of whom are professionals, of good standing and with many years of experience.

We can organize and carry out any kind of work:

  • Construction
  • Restructuring and renovation of stone cottages and barns
  • Thermo hydraulic systems
  • Electrical installations
  • Indoor and outdoor floors and paving
  • Excavation works to build roads, swimming pools and gardens


We are able to offer a wide range of services relating to the management of holiday homes, especially for those who do not live in the area or reside abroad and who can not take care of their property because they are not present.

We offer two different types of packages with different annual costs.
Basic package that includes:

Basic package that includes:

  • Payment of bills for electricity, water, ICI, etc.
  • Contact with the various local authorities for administrative requests.

All Inclusive Package which includes the services provided for the basic package, plus:

  • Organize cleaning and gardening services
  • Organize purchases of household appliances in the name and on behalf of the client
  • Organize the installation and maintenance of such appliances
  • Periodic check of the building
  • Organize minor repairs of a general and emergency nature


  • charges for the various bills are not included in the packages, but must be paid separately.
  • cleaning, gardening, maintenance, repairs, must be paid separately, generally on the basis of hourly rates applied by different professionals.
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